free from pain

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The remedy succeeded: the next morning she was free from pain, though extremely languid; whereupon, the captain prescribed for her a bowl of colt's head broth, and that she should be kept for a time on simple diet.
Rose obeyed, and the quiet rooms above were so like a church that she soon composed her ruffled feelings, and was unconsciously a little minister of happiness to the sweet old lady, who for years had sat there patiently waiting to be set free from pain.
He did not cough once in the course of an hour, smiled, kissed Kitty's hand, thanking her with tears, and said he was comfortable, free from pain, and that he felt strong and had an appetite.
Wait till free from pain and sorrow he has gained his final rest.
Her mind was perfectly clear now, and, save that she could not move, she was most of the time quite free from pain, and alert in every nerve to all that was going on within or without the house.
After unspeakable suffering, productive of the utmost consternation, she is pronounced, by expresses from the bedroom, free from pain, though much exhausted, in which state of affairs Mr.
Still, it was a relief to see her free from pain, and innocently happy in the presence of her son.
Decay, when it did occur, was rapid, but free from pain.
When life was sweet and free from pain For each day was bright, shiny and new Cotton wool clouds in endless skies of blue.
While it is devastating in the short term, Dr Kelly believes the operation will leave the 25-year-old free from pain and restriction in the muscles related to the hip, and largely cure his relentless injury woes.
Uncle Ian, Auntie Jayne, Michael and Ellen FIELD OLIVER JAMES 1 year ago today Aged 2 years Our Little Hero In tears we saw you sinking we watched you fade away, our hearts were broken, you fought so hard to stay, but when we saw you sleeping, so peacefully free from pain, we could not wish you back, to suffer that again.
P you are now in a better place free from pain and suffering but still inspiring those you left behind.