free from risk

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When an offence takes place, we ensure the child is safe and free from risk and harm and refer the incident into the multi-agency safeguarding hub.
In particular, researchers have warned against the view that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are free from risk, and recommended that people with pre-existing cardiovascular problems do not take them.
Innovation is not free from risk, but when managed appropriately, risk should not impede progress.
Even those not showing symptoms are not free from risk, as losses within a group may continue for some time, despite the diet being corrected.
On the issue of the coincidental timing between the appointment of Anderson and the Crime Commission report, Sutherland said that although the report has no evidence of cricket concerns, its publication is a reminder that no modern elite sport is free from risk.
Whilst a distressed sale may present opportunities to the investor; as the property may be discounted so as to achieve a quick sale, they are not free from risk.
I would be concerned the patient would not take steps to reduce her risk factors, thinking she is free from risk for stroke and heart disease.
Asthma, lead poisoning, injuries and cancer are some of the health and safety hazards associated with unhealthy housing, and few Americans are free from risk.
Where abortion is clandestine, women who have resources can always access interventions free from risk, either within their own country or elsewhere, without being subjected to any sort of social condemnation.
We would remind people they have until midnight on Friday to hand in bladed articles and they will be totally free from risk of prosecution.
According to Mitsubishi Heavy, the PBMR is a safe and cost-efficient reactor that uses silicon carbide-coated uranium particles encased in graphite for fuel, making it free from risk of reactor core meltdown.
The message from CDD is that no one is free from risk and that the only means to avoid infection and transmission is to use condoms.