free of expense

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I do not see any wisdom in building a monster cask to hoard up emptiness in, when you can get a better quality, outside, any day, free of expense.
Great was the clatter of knives and pewter plates and tin cans when Adam entered the house, but there was no hum of voices to this accompaniment: the eating of excellent roast beef, provided free of expense, was too serious a business to those good farm- labourers to be performed with a divided attention, even if they had had anything to say to each other--which they had not.
Any gentleman wanting a bit of curious information, I can give it him free of expense.
Samples, if required, shall be furnished free of expense to the City.
His work for the Veterans History Project is free of charge but not free of expense.
In contrast are those living the life of Riley free of expense on Disability Living Allowance.
Samples of items, when required, must be furnished free of expense.
Autodesk said it might deliver Fusion 360, its cloud-based software tool for computer-aided design and manufacturing free of expense to MSMEs registered with the State Department of Industries with an annual revenue of less than Rs 1 crore.
Samples of items, when requested, must be furnished free of expense to AHEC, and if not destroyed by testing, will be returned at the vendor%s request and expense.
Samples Of Items, When Required, Must Be Furnished, Free Of Expense, Prior To The Opening Of Proposals, And, If Not Destroyed, Will Upon Request Of Proposer, Be Returned To The P
Approved equivalent will be based on the judgment of the College, receptions will stale "Do Not Substitute" Samples of items, when required, must be furnished free of expense, if not destroyed by tests, upon request, samples will be returned at no expense lo the College.