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Free radicals make up "a huge percentage of what might be in the air," said study coauthor Stephania Cormier of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis.
elegans, when stimulated in the right way by free radicals, actually reinforces the cell's defenses and increases its lifespan.
Simply put, antioxidants prevent damage by neutralising free radicals, rendering them harmless.
The skins of grapes contain resveratrol, a potent free radical scavenger.
Free radicals often gather in pockets around one's body.
Psychological Stress: Research suggests that both stress from external events and internal stress associated with anxiety and depression can generate hormonal and chemical changes that increase free radical production and oxidative stress and promote aging and disease.
We knew that pollen can make the body make free radicals, but this study shows that pollen takes an active role in making free radicals itself," he says.
By using a sophisticated Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) machine the team takes snapshots of the products of the minute free radical molecules.
The free radical theory of aging is backed by more than seven decades of research on calorie restriction.
Formation and Trapping of Free Radicals, Academic Press, NY (1960) P.
For example, the chapters dealing with aging cover several theories of aging, such as alterations in neuroendocrine and immune function and caloric restriction, in addition to the evidence linking free radicals to aging.