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One says that, through reason and moral education, passions can be controlled; the other that freedom is in essence giving free rein to one's passions.
BRITAIN NEED FREE REIN IN IRAQ (The Daily Yomiuri as translated from the Yomiuri Shimbun)
JC: The police abuse continues because many of our citizens have given them free rein.
Obviously, giving a child free rein without defining appropriate forms through which they can express can lead to total chaos inside and outside of the child.
Ten contemporary Scottish artists have been given free rein to display groundbreaking works inside the building as part of the church's new partnership with artists from Glasgow's vibrant West End.
Emphasizing blues over jazz, Belly, of the Sun mixes eloquent originals with daring versions of old favorites, giving free rein to her smoky voice.
Then, the ministries would have free rein and would not have to be concerned with government regulations and separation of church and state.
Give him free rein with a company and he has the potential to lead that troupe into the national spotlight.
Man, it's terrible on open hills because it's pretty much free rein everywhere.
Competent and secure CEOs often tolerate having a Dennis Rodman or Latrell Sprewell around and giving them a certain amount of free rein to express their unique talents.
In the wake of the princess's death by paparazzi, curator of photography Peter Galassi gave Marvin Heiferman and Carol Kismaric - founders of the old-guard, avant-garde New York cultural programming and publishing firm Lookout - free rein to assemble a survey of celebrity photography from the second half of the nineteenth century through the end of the twentieth - from Nadar to nadir.
Given free rein on her own film, Lambart announced herself in a blaze of blues and reds.