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BARN, estates. A building on a farm used to receive the crop, the stabling of animals, and other purposes.
     2. The grant or demise of a barn, without words superadded to extend its meaning, would pass no more than the barn itself, and as much land as would be necessary for its complete enjoyment. 4 Serg. & Rawle, 342.

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Perry County -- A $112,400 SBF loan was awarded to expand Marvin Landis' dairy herd; to help finance the construction of a free stall barn and manure lagoon; and the purchase of new machinery and equipment.
They maintain several large, open, free stall barns, spread over several acres, with specialized uses for milkers, heifers, calving, etc.
J&D's main ventilation concentration is with small to large scale single room environments such as free stall barns, greenhouses, livestock, poultry, and hog enclosures, and many industrial or commercial buildings.