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BARN, estates. A building on a farm used to receive the crop, the stabling of animals, and other purposes.
     2. The grant or demise of a barn, without words superadded to extend its meaning, would pass no more than the barn itself, and as much land as would be necessary for its complete enjoyment. 4 Serg. & Rawle, 342.

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In addition, an extension of the free stall barn is the area needed to accommodate suckler cows and to install flexible research positions (also for dairy cows) and to cover the storage space requirements for manure and adapt the storage space for feed.
on June 21 the final milking was completed in Hoard's Dairyman's old milking barn and its highly prized Guernsey herd was moved into a brand new, state of the art, free stall barn. Shown are (l to r) Steve Larson, Managing Editor; Gary Vorpahl, Dir of Mktg; Brian Knox, Pres; and Jason Yurs, Farm Mgr.
* They maintain several large, open, free stall barns, spread over several acres, with specialized uses for milkers, heifers, calving, etc.; no silos or haylofts, as they store feed in trenches.