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The local Humanists group, largely responsible for the proclamation, sliced their Free Thought Day cake on Oct.
Slowly during that time, I developed as a human being by also drawing from my observations and readings regarding the vast universe of nature and my own deductions, which Free Thought Day reinforces.
The heritage of free thought,--which no man could escape if he read at all,--the spirit of the Protestant ethic which one suckled, figuratively, with one's mother's milk, that self-generating energy that made a man feel, whether he realized it or not, that he had to work and redeem himself through his own acts, all this was forbidden, taboo.
Second, our national fetish for the First Amendment now has the perverse effect of stifling free thought, stopping any discussion about how obscenity laws might cover violent as well as sexual images dead in its tracks.
Pursuing his interest in Renaissance free thought, Max Gauna carefully demonstrates the resolutely non-Christian conception of death espoused by Montaigne throughout the Essais and in all stages of their development.
We must be alert to the readiness of the Roman Catholic church to exercise its political clout and assert its authority whenever the opportunity arises (witness the developing power of the church in Poland, where anti-abortion, anti-birth control, and anti-intellectual Roman Catholic dogma threatens free thought and open education).
In this volume ten essayists study such connections in particular thinkers, and one, Maryanne Cline Horowitz, provides a general account of French free thought in the early seventeenth century.
And those wishing-to leverage state power over free thought become the best arguments for "hired gun" control.
A government that attacks or fails to promote and encourage these endeavors by its citizens is a government declaring its contempt for intellectual inquiry and for the very concept of free thought.
Nor is Dora Russell found in histories of free thought written by humanists.
Free Thoughts on Religion, The Church & National Happiness.