free to choose

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Now, I don't wish to be selfish or arbitrary, because I am her guardian, and I shall leave Rose free to choose for herself.
He receives his orders and will marry you or anybody; but you are free to choose.
I would choose neither," replied Dejah Thoris, "even were I free to choose, as you know well I am not.
You have been free to choose your career," observed the Count of Morcerf, with a sigh; "and you have chosen the path strewed with flowers.
Upon this, the duchess, laughing all the while, said, "Sancho Panza is right, and always will be in all he says; he is clean, and, as he says himself, he does not require to be washed; and if our ways do not please him, he is free to choose.
When that has educated the frame to self-possession, to nimbleness, to grace, the steps of the dancing-master are better forgotten; so painting teaches me the splendor of color and the expression of form, and as I see many pictures and higher genius in the art, I see the boundless opulence of the pencil, the indifferency in which the artist stands free to choose out of the possible forms.
Every man must be left quite free to choose his own work.
Did he suppose every one knew every one else in the biggest country in the world, and that one wasn't as free to choose one's company there as in the most monarchical and most exclusive societies?
Summary: New Delhi [India], Mar 15 (ANI): India on Thursday said Iran was free to choose partners for developing Chabahar Port.
BOYS should feel free to choose tutus and tiaras or girls to wear "boy" clothes at school, according to new Church of England guidelines.
I applaud the court in affirming the constitutional right of all Wisconsin workers to be free to choose whether they want to join a union or financially support a union.
Feel free to choose whichever method is most convenient for you.