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This is a very free translation of the Song of the Returning Hunter, as the men used to sing it after seal-spearing.
Even your traditions make the case in my favor, Chingachgook," he said, speaking in the tongue which was known to all the natives who formerly inhabited the country between the Hudson and the Potomac, and of which we shall give a free translation for the benefit of the reader; endeavoring, at the same time, to preserve some of the peculiarities, both of the individual and of the language.
Finally, Panero preferred to render a free translation of "Annabel Lee" and offers a manipulative reading (a 'per-version', as he calls it) of Poe's poem.
The many quite fascinating vignettes read smoothly because of the free translation style.
EU public procurement markets are open to foreign providers and increasingly transparent: the Commission's Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) database covering public procurement opportunities in the EU is now also equipped with a free translation tool, removing the language constraint.
There will also be a dedicated areas for free translation and pre- arranged meetings.
To deliver a seamless shopping experience in all languages, Snapdeal developed a Grammar Engine to ensure an error free translation.
Kareem James Abu-Zeid's free translation of al-Ajami's "Jasmine Revolution Poem," which was read at an event in support of the poet in San Francisco:
Companies like Google and Facebook have invested in providing their sites in many languages and have offered free translation tools.
com)-- Mobile Translate provides free translation online browsing by phone, tablet, Mac or PC.
The free translation ('he said to them') does not match the Siraya text that says 'he said to him' (tini-an, 3S-OBL).
The Romanian language thus becomes available in a free translation application of a European institution, the purpose being the correct implementation of the European legislation--treaties, directives and regulations adopted by the European Union.