free will

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Firms of solicitors in Newcastle and Gateshead are offering to write the wills of anyone aged 55 and over free of charge as part of a new charity initiative called Free Wills Fortnight.
Emma Jacobs, a solicitor with GHP Legal, said: "The free Will scheme is a simple way for people to ensure their loved ones benefit as they would wish.
Coventry law firm Band Hatton is offering the service as part of Free Wills Fortnight (which runs until May 31) for over-55s to get their wills written or updated free of charge in return for a small donation to one of 10 charities.
A Free Wills Month brings together a group of registered charities to offer members of the public aged 55 and over the opportunity to have simple wills written or updated free of charge.
FREE WILLS YOU'RE going to die, ensure you minimise the impact on your love ones.
Don't delay - October is Free Wills Month (over 55s).
It is only when agreement and reconciliation are concluded through free wills of the people that commitment and respect for those agreement is upheld," he added.
One of the beautiful of democracy is people are able to reflect their free wills to ballot boxes.