freedom from bias

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But we recall October 7, 1986, the day a new national newspaper was first published: The Independent, a new, serious broadsheet, its title proclaiming freedom from bias or owners' slants.
The current court - all of whose members, I hasten to add, are my friends in whose fairness, intelligence and freedom from bias I have complete confidence - has, nonetheless, shown a conspicuous willingness to overrule precedent, particularly when doing so is, in their eyes, compelled by "original intent" and "plain text" - both of which could excuse rolling back the protections against invidious discrimination that for decades have inhered in Article I, Section 20.
Freedom from bias, however, has also become critical, because fixed cutpoints are being used as targets for glycemic control.
I am especially proud that Reuters journalism will continue to be governed by the powerful Reuter Trust Principles of independence, integrity and freedom from bias.
The AAA issues A Statement of Basic Accounting Theory (ASOBAT), which proposes evaluating accounting information based on its relevance, verifiability, freedom from bias and measurability, and says such information should be oriented to the user.
The freedom from bias includes not only real sources of bias, but also any hint of apparent bias.

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