freedom from disease

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For me, the most important selection criteria are vigour and freedom from disease.
Jonas Salk's definition of health as "not merely a passive state of freedom from disease but as an active condition of being, in growth, development and evolution (12) that enables that person to be what he or she wants
The plants are rightfully acclaimed for their ease of culture and freedom from disease.
Freedom from oppression, freedom from hunger, freedom from disease and freedom from fear and despair.
Both trends can affect some of the most fundamental determinants of health: air, water, food, shelter and freedom from disease.
This allows for any conditions being incubated to show evidence and allows for any tests to be carried out to ensure freedom from disease.
45) If American business argued that free enterprise represented a fifth essential freedom, another candidate in the mind of this president paralyzed by polio might have been freedom from disease.
When all the engrams have been removed, the student achieves a state of "clear" and gains freedom from disease and the effects of ageing; perfect memory; immunity from radiation; the ability to command others using a speech form known as Tone 40; infinite incarnation and freedom from the restraints of space and time.
A deciding factor was that HGi produces known top quality seed with a freedom from disease that is also competitively priced.
An article by Benjamin Alexander is critical of current school-based sex education programs which deny the "four freedoms which abstinence education guarantees: the freedom of self-discipline, the freedom from disease and death, the freedom of information to make sound decisions about their sexual conduct, and freedom from oppressive psychological and emotional disorders.
The systems goal is health, not wealth; it's freedom from disease, not from debt.
Data also indicated a long-term benefit for patients who had achieved freedom from disease activity early in their treatment course.

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