freedom from disease

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This is a festival of environment protection, discipline and freedom from disease," he added.
24 -- The history of Indian Freedom from disease and Wellness is completely full again with inspirations and modernization tends for global players of freedom from disease to sit back and take a record.
For me, the most important selection criteria are vigour and freedom from disease.
Jonas Salk's definition of health as "not merely a passive state of freedom from disease but as an active condition of being, in growth, development and evolution (12) that enables that person to be what he or she wants
The plants are rightfully acclaimed for their ease of culture and freedom from disease.
Marilith and Davage "both enjoyed the benefits of the ancient Gifts: lifelong youth freedom from disease and a series of powerful mental skills.
Freedom from oppression, freedom from hunger, freedom from disease and freedom from fear and despair.
Both trends can affect some of the most fundamental determinants of health: air, water, food, shelter and freedom from disease.
Infectious immunity is merely a backup system and, by itself, cannot create freedom from disease.
This allows for any conditions being incubated to show evidence and allows for any tests to be carried out to ensure freedom from disease.
45) If American business argued that free enterprise represented a fifth essential freedom, another candidate in the mind of this president paralyzed by polio might have been freedom from disease.
Forty-seven plants were selected from these nurseries for characteristics including dark-green color, high shoot density, shorter mature plant stature, early anthesis and seed maturity, and freedom from disease.

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