freedom from domination

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Tal sees Scots Independence as fragmentation of UK - not as the Scots see, it more and more, as freedom from domination of an English Parliament 300 miles away.
The goals of secular activists are for people to control their lives from better economic opportunity, freedom from oppressive movements based on religion or sect and freedom from domination by the military or police.
Now we need to talk about our freedom from domination and neglect by our Westminster and London based elites.
Freedom becomes freedom from domination at both national and global levels, which requires universal inclusion.
To be sure, reconfiguring liberal bioethics and bioethics, more generally, by turns, is not the same thing as taking constitutionalism on head-on as part of a larger, systematic effort to ensure individuals enjoy the freedom from domination they need in order to make autonomous decisions for themselves when they can.
As Patricia Springborg observes in Mary Astell: Theorist of Freedom from Domination, feminist scholars have tended to focus on Astell's argument for women's education and her critique of marriage, while ignoring her passionate and polemical defenses of the Church of England and the monarchy.
Freedom from domination at the political level depends on one's freedom from domination by one's own desires.
Boal's approach encourages interaction among actors and between actors and the audience rather than just following the director's instructions thereby symbolizing freedom from domination.
5) The conception of the minimum developed here is freedom from domination operationalized in a very specific sense: employing Hannah Arendt's conception of freedom as "the capacity to begin," the form of nondomination sufficient for the democratic minimum is the capability to initiate deliberation and thus participate in democratic decision-making processes.
The doctrine, Boss argues, has won out in Catholic theology because it portrays Mary as what John Paul II has called the "co-redemptrix"--in Boss's words, "an icon of freedom from domination, who not only inspires in the devotee the hope for a world transformed, but already embodies that transformation in her own life.
In the first section, Pettit offers a crisp, clear definition of republican liberty: It is freedom from domination and arbitrary interference; it is the antonym of slavery.
But again, a socialist state that divests capitalists of their ownership of the means of production--and thus of their class character--does not necessarily overturn the hierarchies that deny individuals their freedom from domination.

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