freedom from prosecution

See: immunity
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The "special status" law envisaged allowing the Donetsk and Luhansk regions to run their own affairs and also offered separatist fighters freedom from prosecution.
A separate law also crucially offered freedom from prosecution to separatists who have been fighting government forces with exceptions.
Cpl Bright A senior police source told the Sunday People the letter promising oyster farmer Downey freedom from prosecution might not have been sent by mistake.
Certainly I cannot accept for one moment that any deal should have included - or should have come to include - freedom from prosecution for those who committed truly foul crimes.
Prof McEvoy added freedom from prosecution could be offered in exchange for participating in a truth commission or it would be difficult to persuade people to testify.
It's the MEK[which] stands for human rights, for a denuclearized Iran, for women's rights and for protection for all, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom from prosecution.
While appreciative of the preceding generation of gay advocates who fought for and won the greater social tolerance and freedom from prosecution enjoyed today, Malebranche believes that the gay community has become a "cultural and political movement that promotes anti-male feminism, victim mentality, and leftist politics.
Sinn Fein want concessions including freedom from prosecution for on-the-run terrorists
We should guarantee freedom from prosecution to women who take their unwanted newborn infants to hospitals or police stations.
Karzai has repeatedly called on former Taliban supporters to make peace with the new Afghanistan and help the effort to rebuild the conflictplagued country in return for freedom from prosecution.
The Conservatives' security spokesman Patrick Mercer will introduce a Bill within weeks offering freedom from prosecution to anybody in his own home who takes any action against an intruder, provided it is not 'grossly disproportionate'.
The Bill would offer freedom from prosecution to anybody who takes action against an intruder, provided it is not ``grossly disproportionate''.

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