freedom from war

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War has often been defined as the absence of peace which is often defined simply as freedom from war.
Freedom from war and want, freedom of thought and speech, and preserve our freedom for the generations to come.
She continues to offer free counseling in domestic violence prevention locally and to stand for freedom from war and poverty for all beings in the spirit of the Divine Love that manifests in all creation.
We need to understand that peace is not something that will exist in this world around us because when we define peace according to the dictionary definition it states that peace is freedom from war or civil strife.
Basically, that's what the ordinary people of any country want, freedom from war and want, so if they want to name the tower, why not?
More than a "golden age" topic, freedom from war, as opposed to freedom to wage it or freedom of action within it, understandably remains a grossly neglected topic in our war-filled times.
They came to this country where there are freedoms guaranteed to all - freedom from war, women's suffrage, universal education for all.
They dealt certainly with freeing women, but also with freedom from oppression, freedom from hunger and misery and exploitation, freedom from narrow nationalism, freedom from war and the burden of readying for war and their dreadful consequences for humanity.
King, delegate of Barbados, made the point that "if peace does not mean freedom from war, then security should not mean protection from military aggression.
Loss of sovereignty over everything except, perhaps, when the bins are emptied, is a small price to pay for freedom from war and dictatorship.
Rather like the word "peace," which dictionaries define as freedom from war, as if it had no natural identity in itself.
Not only that, but the "disarmament" program outlined in Freedom From War, and a year later described in more detail in a 1962 document entitled Blueprint for the Peace Race, not only was official U.

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