freedom of action

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You know, there are two good things in life, freedom of thought and freedom of action.
The inquest was the first of the impediments in the way of my freedom of action.
She did not dispute his claims to a freedom of action which would not be permitted to an ordinary servant.
There they ran against the vulgar herd who pressed up to the doors, each struggling to reach the front ranks, all eager to learn the nature of the important communication of President Barbicane; all pushing, squeezing, crushing with that perfect freedom of action which is so peculiar to the masses when educated in ideas of "self-government.
At my suggestion Perry and I fashioned some swords of scraps of iron which we discovered among some rubbish in the cells where we slept, for we were permitted almost unrestrained freedom of action within the limits of the building to which we had been assigned.
Then we have it once again in sculpture, the "tongue on the balance of expression," a multitude of forms in the utmost freedom of action and never transgressing the ideal serenity; like votaries performing some religious dance before the gods, and, though in convulsive pain or mortal combat, never daring to break the figure and decorum of their dance.
But even if there were no obstacles to his freedom of action he would do nothing.
I have no doubt she had a pass from the French Government giving her the completest freedom of action.
She said restrictions in police officers' freedom of action when a lawmaker clearly disrupts public order should be removed.
It might be worth while for them to swot up on what the major religions do say about human autonomy, initiative and freedom of action.
We are neither allowed to follow any false ideas or doctrines nor to take any incorrect action in the name of freedom of thought or freedom of action, for that will amount to chaos and anarchy, and not freedom.
Judis clearly places the blame for the failure to achieve peace on President Truman's dilemma--Jewish financial contributions for his party versus freedom of action on Palestinian rights, as a mediator, while the Palestinians leaders were weak and divided (pp.

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