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Leases to flats often state that you cannot sub-let and that if you were wanting to rent out the property you would have to rent it out as a whole, usually with the freeholder's prior written consent.
If you are considering applying to extend your lease, the premium payable to the freeholder will be considerably more if the lease has fewer than 80 years left to run.
The buyer has become one of fewer than 50 freeholders, a title and status symbol which dates back to a charter granted by King John in 1235.
A session of dunting - a centuries-old version of the bumps given to children on their birthdays - awaits the successful buyer who becomes the latest member of the ancient Freeholders Lords of the Manor group in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Northumberland.
The right is exercised serving formal notice upon the freeholder and managing agent and then, after a set period of time the management transfers to the flat owners Right to Manage Company.
"The Gateway Family YMCA makes a positive difference in our community by helping those in need achieve stable housing and self-sufficiency," said Freeholder Chair Bette Jane Kowalski, who is the Board's Liaison to the Union County Human Services Advisory Council.
"Management companies can, by law, use enforcement agents to collect the management charges but individual dwelling freeholders are unable to even obtain details of where the money they have been charged goes or has gone.
These casual agreements aren't legally binding, and you could end up continuing to pay fees to the freeholder for permission to alter your own home.
There are currently about 4m leasehold properties in the UK, leaving residents vulnerable to what critics say are rapacious demands from freeholders.
The Somerset County Board of Chosen Freeholders recognized Bridgewater-based Sanofi U.S.
In some blocks the freeholders then drastically upped service charges in order to recover the costs.