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Using Freelancer, we obtained 38 bids on our project from around the world in just a few days.
Collectively, freelancers make a valuable, often low-profile, contribution to the local creative sector, while individually they are a source of specialist skills, such as photography, graphic design, PR and web development.
AMERICAN FREElancers Alan Goodman and John Pollack were in Madrid last year and had little trouble finding U.
We're at a pivotal time in contingent workforce staffing where the explosion of the freelancer economy is pushing enterprises to reevaluate the strategies and tools they use to engage and manage their extended workforces," said James Fabiano, OnForce senior vice president of enterprise sales.
uk connects small businesses with freelancers across the world, enabling them to get small jobs done at a fraction of the price of hiring locally.
com is a new online marketplace that seeks to bridge the gap between freelancers and people looking for quality work at affordable prices, and with angel investor backing the website is already experiencing success.
A Romanian freelancer working in these fields makes on average USD 15 per hour.
We are doing a job that is in danger of becoming extinct -- war reporting," according to Spanish freelancer Mayte Carrasco.
With a degree in Interior Design from American University, Sharjah, Nada Yaqub dived right into the job market as a freelancer right after she had graduated last May.
One freelancer told the GDN some of them could soon be homeless or forced to live without electricity because they did not have any money to pay their bills.