freely giving

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The concept of freely giving the gift of an organ upon death will be taken away and the state will be allowed to remove any organ of their choice unless the person has made provision to opt-out beforehand.
There are many people with little or no knowledge of horse welfare and horse behaviour who are freely giving their uneducated opinions and airing their uneducated views in relation to the world's greatest steeplechase.
But there has been a trickle rather than a surge of sales, as many cautious banks are still not freely giving out mortgages.
1 : freely giving money or help to needy persons : generous
And thanks to Mal Wright for freely giving his time.
For example, tenets of how to give unselfishly and for universal benefit are discussed--one such tenet cautions against storing unneeded goods rather than freely giving them, as the guilt to disburse the goods will eventually cause one to impulsively give to those who may not be in need, rather than see that the goods are given to those who need them most.
Only in a genuine family, united lastingly and lovingly," he said, "can children reach healthy maturity, drawing from the example of freely giving love, fidelity, reciprocal self-forgetfulness, and respect for life.
We are all standing in the wake of a river of unending grace, and the story we read and remember at Christmas and throughout the year is our tale, the tale of someone freely giving his life so that we might be liberated from every sort of bondage and sin, so that we might have life, and have it in abundance.
They need to be pulled into the process, to be attracted by people who lead by example, who eliminate the obstacles to people freely giving of themselves.
1 : freely giving or sharing <She was generous with her time.