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2) According to [xi] = |[alpha] - [beta]|, we can calculate the observation value of time freeness [xi], while the observation value of time similarity is [tau]([xi])or [xi]([alpha], [beta]).
[18] TAPPI, Freeness of Pulp (Canadian Standard Method), Testing Methods T 227 om-94, TAPPI Press, Peachtree Corners, GA, USA, 1999.
Skriyabin, Projectivity and freeness over comodule algebras, Trans.
This type of thinking also informs the attempts to disprove the freeness of free verse.
Characterised by an expressive freeness of form and evocative use of natural colours, these paintings speak of Kerr's deep engagement with the surrounding landscape.
Then in [section]3 we introduce a new tool to prove the freeness of arrangements.
Chitosan of low molecular weight showed decreasing trend in strength properties of paper and an increasing trend in pulp freeness with decreasing viscosity of chitosan (Table 2).
Q: A lot of people celebrate both the freeness of modern culture and the culture of appropriation.
But we will argue from first principles, united in our belief in the real-ness of reality, the freeness of freedom, and the goodness of being.
Sample question 28 of the survey provided the backbone fore the questions context: On the whole, how would you rate the freeness and fairness of the last national election?
Khartoum, March 17 (SUNA) - The Director of the Department of Plant Protection at the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Khadir Jibreel, has announced the full eradication of locust and freeness of the country from this disaster, stressing that all the teams have finished ground control operations.
Pulp board (softwood pulp, Taizhou Xinyuan Electrical Equipment, Taizhou, China) used for making insulation paper was beaten to about 400 Canadian standard freeness (CSF) in a valley beater.