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In refusing to accord to a prescribed theological formula an allegiance owed only to the divine person of Christ, orthodox Dissenters affirmed the cause of toleration as fully as any of the most freethinking rationalists.
For his part, Holk has put up with Christine's self-righteousness and relentless reprobation for seventeen years before an extended stay in Copenhagen and acquaintance with the freethinking Fraulein Ebba von Rosenberg push his marital dissatisfactions to a crisis, causing him at one point to explain to Christine her deficiencies: "Of light and sun you have nothing.
But as loyal fans will tell you, the series has proved that the youngsters don't have a monopoly on being freethinking mavericks who bend the rules to get results.
Before it happened, she had been a freethinking, happy-go-lucky sort of a girl.
Scott Fitzgerald, Eddie Cochran, Sinclair Lewis, and Roger Maris as men he "felt akin to," freethinking sons of the North Country who "followed their own vision, didn't care what the pictures showed them.
David Hume appreciated his "noble Christian freethinking," and Alexander Pope considered Ramsay's famous Cyropedie as one of the greatest works of the time.
Always positioned in a very desirable destination, this event provides the preeminent forum where participants feel comfortable sharing their best practices, asking the difficult questions and moving our industry forward together in a freethinking environment.
Contemporary civic society under the trance of liberal ideals and values imported to them from freethinking and progressive individuals trampled the humbled path of virtues and addicted itself to infinite quantity of vices in human conduct and relationships.
Despite a left-wing, freethinking elements within the Republican movement, the newly independent country remained a highly religious society in which the church played a trusted role.
This sort of freethinking "initiative inside intent" repeatedly allowed the Americans to surmount unexpected difficulties and exploit sudden opportunities more readily than their frequently brave but inflexible opponents.
And who knows how many George Galloway-style mavericks an increasingly freethinking electorate might go for?
It is every freethinking individual's right of choice in a democratic country.