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com/), a leading international provider of computer data recovery services, has seen overwhelming interest in the initial release of its Data Shredder freeware designed to effectively and thoroughly erase data from computer hard drives.
Consafe Infotech AB, a Swedish-based provider of consultancy services for the communications industry, has released what it claims to be the first freeware that enables wireless connectivity to Microsoft Outlook.
Babylon's freeware enables these users to instantly access information on their desktops.
GFI, an e-mail and network security software provider, has launched its LANguard Network Scanner as freeware.
Xi Graphics Engineering Manager Jon Trulson said that all Linux distributions have freeware graphics software because it's free, not because it's good.
This recognition comes on the heels of the company's recent announcement that NetSonic surpassed four million downloads and was voted "Best Freeware, 1999" by PC World.
The creator of the Y2K news site and the freeware report, Mike Adams, explains the reasoning behind the awareness campaign, "The more people understand about the credible threats of the millennium bug, the less likely they are to be harmed by it.
com today announced the availability of two new freeware products designed to protect the privacy of individuals when sending messages over the Internet, storing information on a personal computer or browsing the World Wide Web.
The most popular software updates are for freeware such as browsers (Opera, FireFox, etc.