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Similar meters have stood on the Century Freeway since it opened in 1993, Ruano said.
There are currently five Saturn Retailers in the Houston area, including Katy Freeway, Northwest 290, North Freeway, Southwest Freeway and Gulf Freeway.
Freeway, famous for its ease-of-use and clean efficient code generation, is the tool of choice for professional and home Mac users who prefer to focus on design issues, not on coding
On the Antelope Valley Freeway, the car-pool lanes are open to motorists driving alone outside rush hours, under legislation authored by state Sen.
The recommended retail price of Freeway 4 Pro is maintained at $279, and Freeway 4 Express at $99.
It's basically to help (stranded) motorists get their vehicles out of the freeway, so we can try to reduce some congestion in the area,'' said Rick Jager, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
Workers are cutting back the rocky slopes that border the freeway where it cuts through hills and installing retention systems using cable net or wire mesh.
Covers over 850 freeway miles throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties
The Freeway family of Mac Web-authoring products offers a full range of features to support content creation, site production and management.
Freeway is a comprehensive Web-authoring tool for the Macintosh that allows users at all skill levels to easily create well designed and powerful Web sites without coding.
Los Angeles commuters waste 93 hours a year stalled in freeway gridlock - the worst in the nation for more than a decade.
area freeway system that challenges players to find the shortest way to L.