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Some of my friends spoke as if I was coming to the woods on purpose to freeze myself.
That night forty score of them crowded into the station house of the stockyards district--they filled the rooms, sleeping in each other's laps, toboggan fashion, and they piled on top of each other in the corridors, till the police shut the doors and left some to freeze outside.
Sometimes Jurgis would be working until late at night, and then it was pitiful, for there was no place for the little fellow to wait, save in the doorways or in a corner of the killing beds, and he would all but fall asleep there, and freeze to death.
On the killing beds you were apt to be covered with blood, and it would freeze solid; if you leaned against a pillar, you would freeze to that, and if you put your hand upon the blade of your knife, you would run a chance of leaving your skin on it.
'But he shall not succeed,' cried he of the little hat, 'I will make a frost come which shall make the fire ashamed and die out!' So he put his hat on straight, and at once there came such a frost that all the heat disappeared and the food on the dishes began to freeze. When a couple of hours had passed, and the King thought they must be quite dead from the heat, he had the doors opened and went in himself to see.
A ( new survey found Americans spent an estimated $1.4 billion on credit freezes in the wake of the massive ( data breach  at credit reporting company Equifax that exposed the personal information of nearly half of the country.
The liquid nitrogen-type ground freezing system freezes the target ground by continuous heat exchange between the ground and the double tube filled with liquid nitrogen.
As ice cream freezes, ice crystals grow in the mixture.
The retail industry and credit bureaus, however, contend that freezes would mean more hassles for consumers.
The shift has made the area more susceptible to crop-damaging freezes, researchers suspect.
If the distance from the gate to the extremities of the mold cavity is too great, the metal freezes prematurely, resulting in misruns.
Its short growing period while it still has leaves gives it natural protection from late-spring or early fall freezes and wet, heavy, branch-breaking snows.