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The price or compensation paid for the transportation of goods by a carrier. Freight is also applied to the goods transported by such carriers.

The liability of a carrier for freight damaged, lost, or destroyed during shipment is determined by contract, statute, or Tort Law.

The responsibility for the payment of freight is a subject of a term of a sales contract between the buyer and seller of the goods to be shipped. When a contract contains a c.f. & i. provision, the buyer accepts liability for paying the cost of freight in addition to the costs of the goods and insurance on them.


noun article of commerce, cargo, carload, consignment, freightage, goods, lading, load, onus, pay load, shipment
See also: cargo, load, merchandise, send


the amount payable by a charterer or shipper to a shipowner for the letting of the ship or space therein for the carriage of goods by sea. Advance freight is payable to a shipowner on the signing of a bill of lading or on shipment instead of on delivery of the goods; such freight is not normally returnable in the event of the ship or the goods being lost before the start of the voyage.
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After freight handling improvements, by September the average time dropped to 41 days in European Command, a 36 percent reduction in shipping time.
Some success in freight shipments have been achieved in U.
e) Freight charges between Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador will attract the HST at 15 percent; freight charges for shipments into Prince Edward Island from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador will attract GST at 7 percent; freight charges from Prince Edward Island into either of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland and Labrador will attract the HST at 15 percent.
What tax is to be charged in respect of freight where a truck travels a predetermined route stopping at various sites for pick-ups or deliveries and the sites are inside and outside the Atlantic provinces?
Are there special tax implications attributable to freight charges for goods in transit at the April 1, 1997, effective date?
The container freight stations' workload has been shifted to the Defense Logistics Agency's Defense Distribution Center's facility in Tracy, Calif.
The container freight stations represented considerable duplication, said Frank Galluzzo, Director, Distribution Analysis Center.
Both orders and installations of new freight cars rose sharply during the first quarter of 1989, according to the Association of American Railroads and the American Railway Car Institute.
The continuing improvement in orders for freight cars through late 1987 and into 1988 prompted Amsted to announce in July 1988 that it would invest more than $1 million to get Granite City Foundry ready for possible future production of cast steel railroad parts.

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