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The price or compensation paid for the transportation of goods by a carrier. Freight is also applied to the goods transported by such carriers.

The liability of a carrier for freight damaged, lost, or destroyed during shipment is determined by contract, statute, or Tort Law.

The responsibility for the payment of freight is a subject of a term of a sales contract between the buyer and seller of the goods to be shipped. When a contract contains a c.f. & i. provision, the buyer accepts liability for paying the cost of freight in addition to the costs of the goods and insurance on them.

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the amount payable by a charterer or shipper to a shipowner for the letting of the ship or space therein for the carriage of goods by sea. Advance freight is payable to a shipowner on the signing of a bill of lading or on shipment instead of on delivery of the goods; such freight is not normally returnable in the event of the ship or the goods being lost before the start of the voyage.
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