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The price or compensation paid for the transportation of goods by a carrier. Freight is also applied to the goods transported by such carriers.

The liability of a carrier for freight damaged, lost, or destroyed during shipment is determined by contract, statute, or Tort Law.

The responsibility for the payment of freight is a subject of a term of a sales contract between the buyer and seller of the goods to be shipped. When a contract contains a c.f. & i. provision, the buyer accepts liability for paying the cost of freight in addition to the costs of the goods and insurance on them.


noun article of commerce, cargo, carload, consignment, freightage, goods, lading, load, onus, pay load, shipment
See also: cargo, load, merchandise, send


the amount payable by a charterer or shipper to a shipowner for the letting of the ship or space therein for the carriage of goods by sea. Advance freight is payable to a shipowner on the signing of a bill of lading or on shipment instead of on delivery of the goods; such freight is not normally returnable in the event of the ship or the goods being lost before the start of the voyage.
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The four current outlets are located at the head office of Transport and Freightage Department, which is near the new Fruit and Vegetable Market, the main building of Sharjah Municipality, Khalidiya area and Al Wahda Centre.
Ta Yih said freightage from Taiwan to China is competitive against that within China, so shipping directly from Taiwan to China can actually be more cost efficient.
A forwarder said the move by CAL and EVA to raise air-cargo freightage is based on supply and demand.
The outlook revision reflects TRC's view that recovering demand and freightage will continue to improve Yang Ming's profitability and slightly enhance its capital structure and cash flow protection measure in 2010.
With raised freightage during peak season, the shipper also saw satisfactory performance on the U.
And rising freightage will likely enable the company to be profitable on shipping service along Asia-America routes in the third quarter of this year.
Raising freightage in January and February will enable Yangming to see conspicuous growth in revenues in March.
He also notes that local battery makers can move product standardization and mass-production to China to cut cost, including freightage related to shipping goods factory-direct.