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It is time to re-assess its lessons and those of Ando: intensity, calmness, repose, tranquillity, all desperately needed in an increasingly frenetic world.
Fraud's music is a collision of fruity jazz, skeletal funk, bleeding rock, reclined abstraction and frenetic improvisation.
The Suns have been on a frenetic pace through the first two rounds of the playoffs, and a few days off before starting another series sounded mighty appealing.
In a strong counterpoint to his otherwise frenetic style, the eight dancers remained rooted in a line, straining apart and groping or leaning on one another.
However, the incident drew little attention during the frenetic days of February 1971, when the vast US war machine was preparing to depart from the tormented land.
The result is an exceptional resource for both businesses and brokers, especially during these frenetic times, because the system is highly intuitive, easy to navigate, updated daily and, best of all, it's free.
In the '90s, his focus expanded to include frenetic scenes of late capitalist life, with richly colored, often digitally manipulated images of stock exchanges, hotel lobbies, and raves.
Traditional celebrations of God and Mammon orientate the inhabitants and the frenetic jostling for presence characteristic of the commercial architecture of North American, Asian and many European cities is nowhere to be seen in the inner city.
He recreates the frenetic chaos of people piled on people--living anywhere and everywhere and commuting from as far away as Philadelphia--and contrasts that with people sitting on their hands with nothing to do because planning was so poor.
There is a great need for profit optimization and careful product positioning and repositioning in the frenetic but unforgiving RFID market that is increasing ten times to become a $26 billion business in 2016.
On the field, it shows up in the frenetic way he bounces around the field, leading Hope to dub him the Tasmanian Devil.