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While Olympic Airways' bursts of darkly frenetic guitars helped create a more edgy feel.
The shoot-outs are suitably frenetic, naked women are ogled in close-up with giddy abandon, and Sam Worthington broods sexily in the lead role, but the Bard's verse proves too great a challenge for many of the cast.
Entranced by the all-but-unexplored wilderness so near at hand, overflowing with fascinating birds and quadrupeds, he set about his life's work amid the rip-roaring frontier politics and frenetic westward expansion of the times.
But in the end it's all very big and frenetic and loud, more forced than shocking.
Adept at robotic isolations, gymnastics, and even strobe-like mini-fluctuations of the hands and arms, the Masashi company captivated with its almost frenetic depiction of the iconic Japanese "suit" at work in bustling Tokyo.
The John Paul II "Holy Father" Beanie Baby If you think people got frenetic over McDonald's mini-Beanie Baby giveaway, you ain't seen nothin' yet.
Whether shown in stasis or in action, horses and dancers alike quiver with frenetic energy, by turns arrested and wildly accelerated.
ON account of the huge field and tight nature of the inside track at Leopardstown, the pace is always frenetic in the Pierse Hurdle and it's incredibly difficult to lead from start to finish.
In these trying times, the frenetic pace of the New York Mercantile Exchange commodities trading operation can continue without missing a beat, thanks to the foresight of the Exchange management and the work of two New York architectural firms.
4) So, in a sense, museums and galleries can be vital points of stability in an increasingly frenetic world, and while they certainly assist commodification of art and history, there seems to be no way of avoiding the process - Conceptual Art has come and more or less gone and the happening has scarcely replaced traditional forms of artistic expression - though it flourishes in various forms (for instance Christo continues to wrap up the great buildings of the world - p11).
Physicists at the University of Washington in Seattle now propose a way of isolating electrically charged barium atoms and completely stopping the frenetic twirls and vibrations these ions normally perform at room temperature and pressure.