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flight set frenetic with League left City's One thing's for sure, City will be back.
But the core gameplay is utterly brilliant, bolstered by upgrades with real impact, superpowers that transform your tactics and simple, valuable details that make shootouts a frenetic pleasure.
St MARK PERCIVAL'S 22-point haul ensured Saints edged out Catalans Dragons in a frenetic Super League clash.
The second half maintains the tension and frenetic tone - it seems churlish to suggest, but it's almost a little too frenetic at times.
Being just about an hour in length, Raiden 5 is all about high score challenges, and its Flashshot point multiplier is breathtakingly frenetic.
LENDERS said activity in the mortgage market was less "frenetic" after the number of loans made for house purchases fell in the first quarter of the year.
There's a huge arsenal of weaponry at your disposal - but at times you feel like you're tripping over the camera Challenge mode adds an extra bit of frenetic fun to the content on offer outside the main game - but the action falls way short of High Moon's Transformers: War for Cybertron.
Summary: Barack Obama and rival Mitt Romney will make a frenetic dash to a series of swing states with 24 hours before voters go to the polls.
New York City moved closer to resuming its frenetic pace by getting back its vital subway system three days after superstorm Sandy, but neighbouring New Jersey's coastline remains devastated, with thousands of people in one city still stranded by floodwaters.
It's as frenetic as the earlier films but, crucially, not as funny.
STICKING with the rockabilly genre, the band playing the Cluny tonight take the sound to an even more frenetic pitch.
Seemingly bringing out the best of both eras, Generations already feels fast, frenetic and, unlike some recent Sonic outings, fun.