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I followed my on-screen 'character' as she ran along in front of me, waving frenetically to encourage me to keep up.
Last week at mass, I again watched from behind, as a busy little body climbed frenetically from floor to pew and back again, over and under.
Temple frenetically cut the footage together, throwing out timelines and focusing on the aspects of Glastonbury -- hedonism, hippies, public urination -- that he finds essential.
And on the edges of the frenetically flowing center, the slow human stream of daily life--eating, bathing, trading; children walking in neat school uniforms among the raggedness of barefoot others.
His command of tricky perspective is good, but his line is so frenetically wobbly that the buildings appear to be experiencing the first stages of an earthquake--very different from their calm and luminous reality.
While the chefs are given free rein to create stunning dishes and flavours, they are also highly experienced in the realities of cooking in frenetically busy kitchens--an important element in achieving commercially relevant product development.
I think some people want stability and continuity somewhere in their lives - something that isn't frenetically fashionable.
In each case, Thomas captures the atmospherics of a frenetically polarizing political climate, for which the crude and obtuse authoritarianism of the state officials provided the main motor.
is an amiable, gumdrop-colored, frenetically campy--if ultimately exhausting--musical fantasy.
But it is also true that those 130,000 individuals were largely plopped into isolated rows where they frenetically addressed peculiar puzzles and bubble-in answer sheets.
Mark Kurlansky, approaches the task of bringing thematic cohesion to the year 1968 frenetically.