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security screenings at the nation's airports, according to a new survey of frequent flyers conducted by Frequent Business Traveler magazine in partnership with FlyerTalk.
For an itemset to be frequent it needs to be supported in a set of transactions equal or greater than this threshold which is referred to as minimum support.
The incidence of frequent mental distress may affect an individual's insurance prospects over time, said the authors, including researchers at the CDC and Emory University, Atlanta.
We are very pleased to enter into this agreement with Gulf Air to deliver free Frequent Flyer cards and miles to our customers," said Ahmed Al Janahi, Batelco Group general manager Media Relations.
MilePoint already has around 4,000 members and is positioned as an online frequent travel community.
Frequent alcohol users did not differ from other study participants in keeping clinic appointments or dropping out of the study.
United Airlines and Continental Airlines announced today that members of each carrierOs frequent flyer program who have earned elite status will receive unlimited, complimentary domestic upgrades on flights operated by both airlines when space is available.
Only 20%-26% of frequent users in one quarter were frequent users in another quarter, and 2% of patients were frequent users in all eight quarters.
CBA members can opt in to the Qantas Frequent Flyer Direct option, through which all points earned each month will be automatically transferred to the members' Qantas Frequent Flyer accounts.
Discovering frequent patterns is a fundamental problem in data mining.
Most education research has confirmed that frequent quizzes do yield benefits for example Ballard and Johnson (2004) and Geist and Soehren (1997) compared test results of students who were exposed to quizzes with a control group who experience no quizzes.

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