frequent repetition

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He sat up much longer, conversing with his father, and by the frequent repetition of her name I conjectured that their lovely guest was the subject of their conversation.
Poyser's outbreak was discussed in all the farm-houses with a zest which was only heightened by frequent repetition.
It had the fault of frequent repetition, incidental to all such prayers; but it was plain and comprehensive in its doctrines, and breathed a tone of general sympathy and charity, which is not so commonly a characteristic of this form of address to the Deity as it might be.
One fierce and wild- looking warrior approached the chief, bearing a load of the brush, and pointing exultingly to the deep red stains with which it was sprinkled, uttered his joy in Indian yells, whose meaning Heyward was only enabled to comprehend by the frequent repetition of the name "La Longue Carabine
This hog was always wallowing there, and as he was the only hog we saw, his frequent repetition, together with his unvarying similarity to himself, finally caused me to reflect that he must be the same hog, and this led me to the deduction that this must be the same spring, also--which indeed it was.
Their dark, angry glances at the woods from which we had come, and the frequent repetition of the word "Doda," made it clear enough that this was a rescue party who had set forth to save or revenge the old chief's son, for such we gathered that the youth must be.
Soon after I heard a general shout, with frequent repetitions of the words PEPLOM SELAN; and I felt great numbers of people on my left side relaxing the cords to such a degree, that I was able to turn upon my right, and to ease myself with making water; which I very plentifully did, to the great astonishment of the people; who, conjecturing by my motion what I was going to do, immediately opened to the right and left on that side, to avoid the torrent, which fell with such noise and violence from me.
But as feminist academic and author Joanna Williams - who has broken it down - says: "The frequent repetition of a claim does not make it true.
The experts said they had become worried after observing the President had displayed rambling speech; episodes of slurred speech; failure to recognize old friends; frequent repetition of the same concepts; decreased fine motor co-ordination; difficulties reading, listening and comprehending; suspect judgement, planning, problem solving and impulse control; and markedly declining vocabulary in recent years, with over-reliance on superlatives.
Mayism' was launched with posters calling on voters to support 'May's Team' instead of the Conservative Party; other tactics included frequent repetition of the phrases "strong and stable," "ordinary people" and - to describe her opponents - "coalition of chaos.
Applications of pattern Wallpaper repeat: Frequent repetition of complex patterns and contrasting colours can be appealing in a large room but can be overwhelming in a small one.
Frequent repetition in the writing mirrors Flora's panicky attempts to regain her memories and her disorientation.