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The great tradition of Monday night big band gigs in jazz clubs is familiar to frequenters of the Village Vanguard and Jazz Standard in New York.
Not that chief executives in parliamentary democracies are any known frequenters of the legislatures' upper house.
They may not have quite the current cult-like following of Justin Timberlake who will take to du Arena, Abu Dhabi the following night, but they were certainly UK Top 40 frequenters back in the glory days of the 90s.
The islands along the east shore of the pond has been greatly denuded, and when spring and summer come again they will present a very different appearance from what frequenters of the park have become accustomed to.
Georgian Theatre frequenters Idiot Savant return with their annual Christmas Pageant on Friday.
I don't think we are going to take Dubai shopping mall frequenters away, but we do believe we are going to capture the Abu Dhabi shopper that no longer will have the need to drive that hour and a half.
The main concern of the frequenters of the "Central" is that the Syrian government will discover the network overlap, although Hawsh al-Harimeh is not the only strip of territory that picks up the Syrian network within Lebanon.
Frequenters of the International Mime Festival since 1998, and winners of Moscow's Golden Mask award, Derevo's curious mime-dada-butoh mash-up style is sure to inspire those who see it at the Royal Opera House's Linbury Studio Theatre.
The three-year-old is owned byfivefamiliesinthevillageof Kentisbeare, frequenters of the Wyndham pub, but only Alan Benson was on hand to raise a glasstohiswinne r.
Apparently the expansion was well received because frequenters of the Denver restaurant voted it to nearly first place on the Denver A-List, a locally driven contest that takes place each year across the United States.
So concerned were the locals about the evils of alcohol, the city's biggest coffee house, Earlsdon Coffee Tavern, was opened in Earlsdon Street in 1899 to lure potential pub frequenters away.
Lucky for airport frequenters, that means plenty of retail square footage.