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Wooden whales, or whales cut in profile out of the small dark slabs of the noble South Sea war-wood, are frequently met with in the forecastles of American whalers.
It is the character of love to loathe the near relatives of the loved one; chapters in the history of the human race have justified this feeling, and the conduct of uncles, in particular, has frequently met with censure from the independent novelist.
The travellers frequently met with their trails, and saw the smoke of their fires rising in various parts of the vast landscape, so that they knew there were great numbers in the neighborhood, but scarcely ever were any of them to be met with.
Astley frequently met us when we were out walking, he would merely take off his hat and pass us by, though I knew he was dying to join us.
Now, the original thinker who finds himself compelled to use the current speech of his country in order to impart new and hitherto untried views to his fellows, imposes a task upon the natural means of communication which it is totally unfitted to perform,--hence the obscurities and prolixities which are so frequently met with in the writings of original thinkers.
Another whom I frequently met had the hollow of his eyes tattooed in two regular squares and his visual organs being remarkably brilliant, they gleamed forth from out this setting like a couple of diamonds inserted in ebony.
But here be it premised, that owing to the unwearied activity with which of late they have been hunted over all four oceans, the Sperm Whales, instead of almost invariably sailing in small detached companies, as in former times, are now frequently met with in extensive herds, sometimes embracing so great a multitude, that it would almost seem as if numerous nations of them had sworn solemn league and covenant for mutual assistance and protection.
Although the two frequently met and studied together, they never dated.
Proposals to increase housing density are frequently met by opposition from current residents, whose fears range from adverse impact on services to downward pressure on existing home values (or upward pressure and gentrification).
Still, she had frequently met with WWE executive Paul Levesque, better known as wrestling superstar Triple H, to discuss her interest in a deal that finally came to fruition.
We frequently met travellers during those early years, homeless because of negative equity and unemployment and most of them going with even younger children.
Tillerson sought to tap his previous experience as Exxon Mobil Corporation's CEO, where he frequently met and negotiated with Gulf leaders, to resolve the dispute sparked last month when Saudi-led coalition cut diplomatic and trade links with Qatar over "supporting terrorism, meddling in their internal affairs and cozying up to their rival Iran - all charges that Qatar has denied.
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