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COW. In a penal statute which mentions both cows and beefer's, it was held that by the term cow, must be understood one that had a calf. 2 East, P. C. 616; 1 Leach, 105.

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1] soil at 15, 30 and 45 DAI, respectively followed by FYM, Fresh cow dung, Poultry manure and Lantana.
Risk factors of malnutrition included: fresh cow milk feeding, mixed feeding, delayed weaning, more than 2 children under the age of 5 years, large family size (greater than 5 children), partial vaccination, no vaccination, working mother, un-employed fathers, twin delivery, literacy status of parents (mothers and fathers), poverty and living in poor environmental conditions.
The fresh cow dung was obtained from a cattle ranch at Sango along Jebba road, Ilorin, Kwara state, Nigeria.
9 per cent fat-free, vitamin-enriched skimmed yogurt that is made from locally produced 100 per cent fresh cow milk.
MESSAGE: To build aware ness of the Pfizer Animal Health Fresh Cow program and educate Dairy Veterinarians and producers on the importance of having a complete program that keeps fresh cows producing.
The health and productivity of the fresh cow is dependent on the success of this transition.
Both looked fabulous, and I would have dived in were it not for the fact that I was coated head-to-toe in mud, my eyebrows decorated with flecks of fresh cow dung.
Manufacture of herbal concoctions is fascinating to watch, with one tincture cooked solely by the heat of fresh cow pies
Previously, I had only subjected the pistol to single-media substances like dirt, dust, ice, snow, et al and if it functioned after being soaked inside and out in fresh cow dung, it would have indeed proved its worth.
I think I'll have the fresh cow parsley followed by grass and nettles.
She then covered the bride's hair, face and pounds 1250 white dress in fresh cow muck.
Parmalat's Milk Box contains 100% fresh cow milk, with no chemicals or preservatives.