fresh outbreak

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The country's interior minister has accused Ukraine's nationalist Svoboda (Freedom) party and its leader Oleg Tyagnibok of this fresh outbreak of violence.
The fresh outbreak of speculation about the paternity of Prince Harry is not just tasteless and hurtful, but also daft.
In a joint statement, the foreign ministers expressed their "grave concern" at the renewed violence, a fresh outbreak of fighting in eastern Ukraine, calling on all sides to stop fighting and conclude the withdrawal of heavy weapons.
Volgograd, Ramadan 18, 1434, Jul 27, 2013, SPA -- A fresh outbreak of African swine fever was fixed on Friday in the Uryupinsk district of Russia's Volgograd region, a regional government source told Itar-Tass.
About 1,000 anti-Muslim rioters burned shops and homes in a fresh outbreak of communal unrest in Myanmar, officials said Sunday, as the former army-ruled nation grapples with spreading religious violence.
And more than 200 members of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood were said to have been arrested in connection with the fresh outbreak of Cairo violence.
Egypt's economy is gradually recovering following last summer's "second revolution", though a fresh outbreak of political unrest remains a risk.
Palestinian rescue workers said nine Palestinians have been killed in Israeli strikes since the fresh outbreak of hostilities, adding to more than 2,000 on the Palestinian side killed in the war since it began on July 8.
Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, above "The fresh outbreak of speculation about the paternity of Prince Harry is not just tasteless and hurtful, but also daft" Former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe "I thought someone was playing a trick.
Ten Yemeni soldiers have been killed, most of them by snipers, and 18 wounded in a fresh outbreak of fighting with Shiite rebels in north Yemen, a military official said on Monday.
But Andrew Simmons, Al Jazeera's correspondent in Abuja, said: "There has been a fresh outbreak of violence on the outskirts of Jos in a place called Bakuru.
Police and military troops have been sent to the area to prevent any fresh outbreak of violence between the Ampatuan and Mangudadatu clans, which have a running feud over control of Maguidanao.