fresh start

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A dramatic change of hair style or colour is common after the breakdown of a relationship and it often signals a desire for the fresh start that Lisa says she needs.
OFS has secured the site of their future home at 2670 Milwaukee Street in Madison and is raising funds to fulfill its vision of an Operation Fresh Start with increased partnerships and services.
CEO Idan Shpizear stated, "We've built a proven system through our innovative approach, world-class service, and fresh start culture and we're ready to spread our success by growing our franchise family.
Graham Bulmer, course co-ordinator at the Fresh Start Academy
After last season this is a fresh start, a clean slate.
Study 3 demonstrated the generalizability of the fresh start effect.
Fresh Start allows pupils to repeat the full final 12 months of their GCSE courses, including the statutory classroom-based controlled assessments, under the guided supervision and expertise of the school's specialist teachers.
The 'Mean Girls' star, who recently documented her struggle to get her life and career back on track on her self-titled OWN series after her six stints in rehab, reportedly wants a fresh start in the UK and thinks it will be good for her career.
It's never too late to apply and we want to see as many 16 to 24-year-olds as possible at the Fresh Start event.
The weight-loss advocate is on a tour of Midwestern states as part of the Subway Fresh Start challenge, "which encourages children to exercise and make healthy food choices," the news site explained.
LUCKLESS St Johnstone midfielder David Robertson admits he's hoping for a fresh start when the January transfer window opens after enduring a year from hell.