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Light to moderate winds may freshen at times, with a chance of blowing dust in exposed areas.
Burton admits he wasn't pleased with how Town performed in the league last term, and says new recruits were needed to freshen up the squad.
Freshen up: See your GP for a urine test, particularly if you have excessive thirst, extreme tiredness, unexplained weight loss and the need to pass urine more frequently.
Freshen up: No amount of brushing, flossing or mouthwash can get rid of this particular smell, so you might want to reintroduce more carbs into your diet.
I TRIED the lozenges, which promise to freshen breath and give a dry mouth a speedy moisture boost (seven max per day).
Well, when you feel the need to freshen your breath, do you pop one Tic Tac or two?
The product, which utilizes the power of a car's air vents to freshen the cabin, is available at such retailers as Walmart, Dollar General, AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts and Canadian Tire.
Summary: Partly cloudy weather at times is expected today as the amount of clouds will increase at times over some southern & eastern areas, with light to moderate winds that may freshen at times, national forecasters said.
I think Pup (Clarke) is in the form of his life so a couple of weeks off is just going to freshen him up more than anything," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Watson, as saying.
I"m partnering with Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese to show how simple it is to freshen up your refrigerator and choose more great-tasting, nutrient-rich foods, like Daisy Brand Cottage Cheese.
It was definitely something we needed, we've been on a fairly dodgy run and it was good to freshen things up and clear the mind and get two or three really good training sessions in over there.