freshen up

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They know it will freshen up the series and boost ratings.
Freshen Up Trio combines the best breath-freshening flavors with sheer, shiny shades of lip gloss and come in flavors such as Peppermint, Cinnamon and Wintergreen.
The idea of the show is to give soldiers pounds 150 to freshen up their living quarters.
Manager John Bunce said: "The new schedule will freshen up the clubs while revellers' favourite events will remain the same.
We've teamed up with Hotpoint and Persil Revive to offer five lucky readers a chance to freshen up with a Hotpoint Aquarius TDL30 tumble dryer and six months' supply of Persil Revive worth pounds 230.
Shapiro suggests drinking plenty of water when you're driving in the heat, while Goodwin sprays her face with it to freshen up before greeting clients.
This summer sees the return of white as a key staple to freshen up your wardrobe.
They might do but the players they freshen up with are pretty decent.
Now with the move to the Cab, Taste is about freshen up its line up, bolstering it's roster with Marco Smith, Miss Chris and Dave Begg.