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Canoes, many canoes, urged by paddles or sailed before the wind by the weight of the freshening South East trade on spread fronds of coconut palms, moved across the smooth surface of the lagoon.
But Jerry, at that moment, lay cuddled beside Villa Kennan's sleeping-cot on the slant deck of the Ariel, as that trim craft, the Shortlands astern and New Guinea dead ahead, heeled her scuppers a-whisper and garrulous to the sea-welter alongside as she logged her eleven knots under the press of the freshening trades.
Besides, the wind was freshening, constantly, and each of us had his hands full to avoid capsizing.
As I listened to the companionable murmur of the stream, I almost expected to see her again, in her simple white frock and straw hat, singing to the music of the rivulet, and freshening her nosegay of wild flowers by dipping it in the cool water.
The breeze, fast freshening, was also fast changing the direction from which it blew.
Meantime East is freshening up Tom with the sponges for next round, and has set two other boys to rub his hands.
The wind was freshening rapidly, the Ghost heeling over more and more, and by the time the state-room was ready she was dashing through the water at a lively clip.
She had turned pale again, notwithstanding the sunshine and the freshening wind.
The breeze kept on freshening and blew true, true to a hair.
They who know what it is to have a reprieve brought to them upon the ladder, or to be rescued from thieves just going to murder them, or who have been in such extremities, may guess what my present surprise of joy was, and how gladly I put my boat into the stream of this eddy; and the wind also freshening, how gladly I spread my sail to it, running cheerfully before the wind, and with a strong tide or eddy underfoot.
I wanted a little inspiration, a little freshening up, a little change of ideas, and--
It added that winds would be light to moderate, freshening up conditions in some areas, while temperatures are likely to hit a high of about43C on the coast and up to 48C inland.