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Light to moderate winds in general, freshening at times.
We are a leading manufacturer of air freshening products for home, office or automobile," says Brian Staudenmaier, vice president of sales at California Scents.
I have talked about freshening things up, which is needed to be done, and the sooner we can get stuck into the task ahead the better.
You can make subtle changes by freshening up with a new range of bedding and curtains.
ALEX McLeish said he would be freshening up the Blues team on Saturday.
We are freshening things up and changing the environment we will be training and working in by heading West to Saundersfoot, Tenby Rugby Club and Carmarthen Athletic indoor training centre," said Davies.
The products include a freshening spray, laundry detergent, surface spray, liquid hand soap, surface wipes and a hand lotion.
The amount of water depends on what type of fabrics you're freshening.
For an invigorating and freshening foot massage use various combinations of peppermint, tea tree, lemongrass and rosemary.
Whether you're washing, freshening or disinfecting with bleach, afterwards you'll need to rinse the system thoroughly with clean water.
Freshening scrapes with doe-in-heat scent is a common practice, but freshening rubs is not.