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We challenged the Truvia brand to create an alternative base for yogurt and smoothies that would be identical or better than our current formulation with 25 percent fewer calories," said Ed Redmond, Senior Vice President at Freshens Quality Brands.
Freshens has always used natural yogurt ingredients with live and active probiotic cultures and is the only retail concept that fortifies each smoothie mix with 100 percent of vitamins A, C, D, E and 25 percent calcium, while Freshens original frozen yogurt base is sweetened with cane sugar.
We want our smiles to stay bright all day long," says Noreen Freitas, vice president of oral care products for Rembrandt "It is not enough just to freshen up your breath.
Cascade Scent Expressions Uses Heat-Activated Scent Technology to Freshen
ll Eau de Glade lll Freshens your follicles llll Squirt 'n' flirt lllll A breath of fresh hair
Good news for bad doggy breath, Del Monte Foods (NYSE:DLM) today introduced its new Meaty Bone(R) Denta-Delicious(TM) dog chew, which cleans teeth and freshens breath, and is also scientifically proven to reduce tartar build-up by 70 percent(a).
this country's oldest franchise restaurant chain, currently celebrating its 80th anniversary, announced today it will open Freshens Smoothie Company retail stores through a licensing arrangement with Yogurt Ventures USA Inc.
It delivers a pleasant, soothing blast of mint flavor that cools and freshens the mouth and throat.
We are especially grateful to Freshens Yogurt, McDonalds, and Morrisons Hospitality Group for their assistance in helping us put this new program together.
Another treat for dogs that also freshens breath and helps with dental care is Pup-rrr-Mint Sticks by Marketing and Creative Sales Inc.
Every dog has his day, and today a company that cleans dogs' teeth and freshens their breath is having theirs.
SPS Commerce, the leader in Supply Chain Integration Services for small and mid-sized businesses, announced today that LifeMax LLC, the producer and marketer of Slim Mints, a diet mint that freshens breath and helps individuals lose weight, is using its WebForms service to electronically trade order, inventory and shipping documents with its retail customers.