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I TRIED the lozenges, which promise to freshen breath and give a dry mouth a speedy moisture boost (seven max per day).
Freshens, the largest yogurt and smoothie company in the country, has collaborated with the Truvia Company, a subsidiary of international food and agricultural products marketer Cargill, to create a new frozen yogurt base formula sweetened with Truvia rebiana that has no sugar added and is both fat-free and lower in calories compared to the original formula.
At 6pm, the waiting media was informed by the local organisers that Dutt had returned to the hotel and would address the media after he freshens up.
This clear minty lip-gloss fits on your mobile or keys and freshens your breath.
A blend of eucalyptus, grapefruit, spruce, and peppermint freshens and cleanses the air, and is especially good during cold season because of its positive effects on the respiratory system.
Mentha Lip Shine is a mint-infused lip balm that keeps lips moist and freshens breath, $7.
Miranda is an intriguing courageous heroine who freshens up the latest Free Fellows League Regency romance as women, not just Miranda, once again prove more than capable doers.
Chewing sapari (coarsely powdered, sweetened, and clove-flavored areca nut) at the end of a meal leads to a sense of satisfaction and well-being, induces salivation, and freshens the mouth.
The Whitening Wand features a patented peroxide formula, which effectively whitens teeth and freshens breath, according to company officials.
The travel plazas will feature a variety of new restaurants including Starbucks Coffee, Burger King, Popeye's, Sbarro, Freshens Frozen Treats, Pizza Hut and KFC.