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We may," he replied; "but you will find that the Sagoths can move with incredible swiftness, and as they are almost tireless they are doubtless much fresher than we.
But I feel very much fresher, and ready for my fate--or try to persuade myself that I am.
In his sleep, as if it had nothing fresher to work upon, his mind went back and tortured itself with something years and years away, an old, long-forgotten sorrow of his childhood.
No fox ever beheld a fresher, fairer child's face, and no child had ever before heard a fox talk, or met with one who dressed so handsomely and ruled so big a city.
Live things are much fresher and more wholesome than dead ones, and you humans eat all sorts of dead creatures.
His head was fresher and he was calmer than he had been for the last three days.
And would the gyozas be fresher if ordered while at the sushi bar?
Tim Betteridge, the racecourse manager, said: "The horses racing this weekend, and for the six fixtures in question, will be racing wider, so the times will be different, but they will be on fresher ground.
Contact: Pat Adams, President and CEO, or Stephen Reichenbach, CFO, both of Fresher Under Pressure, Inc.
Rails Hurdles moved out so they are adjacent to the Chase course on fresher ground.
It's going to feel a little fresher for the next few days but temperatures are sticking around the mid to high teens and there will be plenty of sun still.
The view was Dermot was getting too old and it was time for someone much younger and fresher.