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Afterwards, take a piece of smooth ivory--you have one prepared in your drawing-box: take your palette, mix your freshest, finest, clearest tints; choose your most delicate camel-hair pencils; delineate carefully the loveliest face you can imagine; paint it in your softest shades and sweetest lines, according to the description given by Mrs.
To bring news of Monsieur de Mazarin -- the freshest news there is.
Still, there will be a connection with the long past--a reference to forgotten events and personages, and to manners, feelings, and opinions, almost or wholly obsolete --which, if adequately translated to the reader, would serve to illustrate how much of old material goes to make up the freshest novelty of human life.
The child suffered much from nervous restlessness, and it was a relief to her to be carried; and it was Tom's greatest delight to carry her little frail form in his arms, resting on a pillow, now up and down her room, now out into the verandah; and when the fresh sea-breezes blew from the lake,--and the child felt freshest in the morning,--he would sometimes walk with her under the orange-trees in the garden, or, sitting down in some of their old seats, sing to her their favorite old hymns.
The weaver's bent shoulders and white hair give him almost the look of advanced age, though he is not more than five-and-fifty; but there is the freshest blossom of youth close by his side--a blonde dimpled girl of eighteen, who has vainly tried to chastise her curly auburn hair into smoothness under her brown bonnet: the hair ripples as obstinately as a brooklet under the March breeze, and the little ringlets burst away from the restraining comb behind and show themselves below the bonnet-crown.
or, if new grocers were to fill their windows with mountains of currants and sugar, made seductive by contrast and tickets,--what security was there for Grimworth, that a vagrant spirit in shopping, once introduced, would not in the end carry the most important families to the larger market town of Cattleton, where, business being done on a system of small profits and quick returns, the fashions were of the freshest, and goods of all kinds might be bought at an advantage?
These are simply the best and freshest soups on the market today," says Kevin G.
ISLAMABAD -- Using the freshest blood for transfusion may not necessarily improve patients survival rates, Canadian researchers have found.
com)-- Simply Fresh NC is an online farm-to-table farmers market, delivering the freshest produce right to customers' doors.
Earlier in the week I came home to see a garden plot of the freshest, darkest, most beautiful soil I had seen in a long time.
Sarah Millican and Shappi Khorsandi will test out their freshest jokes at the Glee Club in the Arcadian Centre, Hurst Street, before they head off to the Edinburgh Festival in August.
21 -- Only the freshest catch of the day at the Seafood Market in Okra.