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Approximately 60% of these students took the freshman IT course and the remaining 40% took the computer proficiency exam.
--Sarah Blanchard, freshman at Indiana University and former Cathedral peer mentor
15% of college freshman are not interested in spiritual/religious matters.
As one requirement for graduating with Honors, all incoming students must enroll in "Honors Freshman Symposium" during the fall semester of their freshman year.
Every year, some cadets take these chances and lose: During my freshman experience, two of the campus' five notorious Command Sergeants Major (the campus' highest ranking juniors anti the bulldogs of the corps) were humiliatingly demoted after one such incident, and they were neither the first nor the last cadets demoted that year.
BOEHEIM: Obviously, Carmelo was a great player, a really good leader as a freshman. He set a good work ethic.
Everyone looked at the freshman from the 75th District.
The Republican freshman class of 1995 was indeed very large: 73 House members and 11 senators.
The substantial monetary assistance he received will enable him to enter his freshman year without any major financial headaches, no small feat since his school fees amount to $22,750 annually.
Another positive trend in the freshman enrollment data is that the number of African Americans pursuing engineering is increasing after a 5-yr slump.
Cuseo and Barefoot (1996) reviewed proceedings from Freshman Year Experience Conferences, textbooks designed for freshmen orientation courses, and surveys conducted by the National Resource Center to provide a taxonomy of the topics most frequently addressed in these courses.
While 12 percent of the nonfreshman Democrats seeking reelection were defeated, freshman Democrats lost at twice that rate--24 percent.(3) To a greater extent than other Democrats in the House, those freshmen were linked politically to President Clinton.