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she sighed, dropping the little glass into the bedclothes, and rolling her head on the pillow fretfully.
You had nothing to do but to wait fretfully for the balance of your cargo, which was sent out of the river with the greatest irregularity.
And he heard in answer a voice, as if crying far away, as if screaming to him fretfully from a very great distance, the one word "Yes
No, no,' said the young fellow fretfully, 'he's a single gentleman--he's--be quiet, can't you, man?
Maggy would then wake up more or less fretfully, and they would wander about a little, and come back again.
Ah, Maggie," said Philip, almost fretfully, "you would never love me so well as you love your brother.
An unnamed medical officer from Preston prison fretfully remarked upon the "large number of cases of mental instability with acts of uncontrolled, rather than uncontrollable, impulses whose treatment required anxious consideration and thought," and his colleague at Brixton added that short prison sentences achieved nothing.
Our huskies were straining at the reins, barking raucously, kicking and shoving each other boisterously, beside themselves with excitement as they waited fretfully to get going.
But what the spectre of threat are they raising so fretfully when the real threat to the system of sham democracy that we have could only be from inside, not outside?
Some couldn't work out that the tickets had to be paid before returning to their cars and approaching the barrier, thus causing jams as they rushed back to the slot machines to fretfully jump the queue to do the bloody obvious.
There were times when he couldn't answer the question, when progress was nonexistent or fretfully slow.
I don't cough for my own amusement," replied Kitty fretfully.