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Let me enjoy my own conviction, Not watch my neighbour's faith with fretfulness, Still spying there some dereliction Of truth, perversity, forgetfulness
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's meeting on Wednesday with South Korean President Lee Myung Bak reflected his fretfulness over Tokyo's lack of diplomatic achievement over the past few years.
54), their fretfulness over the perils of legal uncertainty and the rapid proliferation of reported decisional law (pp.
The fretfulness of the homeless mind is significant when considered in light of another Brennan character, Charles Runyon.
Never before have so many nervous laps of Chapelgate been undertaken by Scholes supporters, but our fretfulness was gradually settled by the determined Latif, and youthful calm of Brook.
As the ghosts of those who have been evicted start to reclaim their ancestral land, we see Nick's mood change from wonder to fretfulness to melancholy.
Angst and fretfulness become familiar clothes to don every morning as students grind out 4s and 5s on Advanced Placement exams, play sports, and compile just the right record that will get them into just the right school.
Instruction on how not to set up domestic space suggests fretfulness over real trends.
8) Narratives of passing are significant not because they gives us clues to actual extant practices but because they give us clues to extant cultural fretfulness about perceived practices.
Illusory, perhaps, but a rebuke to human fretfulness.
Babies may have a swelling on the soft spot on top of the head, blotchy or pale skin, a staring expression or fretfulness.
Nor do you find much midterm-election fretfulness among the masters of ceremony at Young America's Foundation, whose hopes for the students' futures in the movement stretch well beyond November.