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Naturally, Marlin is worried about sending Nemo off to his first day of ``school,'' while the boyfish is equally tired of dad's controlling fretfulness.
Frank Kohler's fretfulness notwithstanding, when it comes to commercialism in the schools, it is possible to draw lines.
43) However, the last twenty years have been characterised by a far deeper introspection and fretfulness about the future of the field.
There are many hinterland models working overseas in countries just like Australia which have already undergone the same numbing debates and political fretfulness about innovation, national unity, and `race-based' institutions.
No nervousness, no fretfulness and she appeared as though she was looking forward to the event.
IN CHILDREN: tense or bulging fontanel, blotchy or pale skin, fretfulness with shrill or moaning cry when handled, floppy body or stiff body with involuntary movements, refusal to feed.
Extrapolating from Pater's view, much fretfulness about media seems beside the point.
Even at low levels, metallic mercury can cause health problems that may include tremors; changes in vision or hearing; insomnia; weakness; difficulty with memory; headaches; irritability; shyness and nervousness; and a condition called acrodynia, which is characterized by itching, swelling, flushing, pink-colored palms and soles of the feet, excessive perspiration, rashes, irritability, fretfulness, sleeplessness, joint pains, and weakness.
It is also not unusual to have problems with constipation, frequent vomiting, feeding difficulties, colic, fretfulness and abnormal sleep patterns.
Although whole-cell vaccines have been effective in reducing the incidence of pertussis, they are more likely to cause side effects, such as redness, pain and swelling at the site of injection, fever, drowsiness, fretfulness and loss of appetite.
Glen Velez's percussion score drives Tina Croll alternately to fretfulness, agitation, and assertiveness in her engaging miniature Solo.
Infants in the ACEL-IMUNE arm of the study experienced significantly fewer local (injection site) reactions and less fever, drowsiness, continuous crying, and fretfulness than those in the whole-cell DTP vaccine group.