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Now, ny dear young ladies, remember what your ma said, and don't fret.
Don't fret about Father, dear," she added, as they parted.
He told how he went back for Becky and broke the good news and she told him not to fret her with such stuff, for she was tired, and knew she was going to die, and wanted to.
It was a disadvantage to the lad; for the kinder among us did not wish to fret the master, so we humoured his partiality; and that humouring was rich nourishment to the child's pride and black tempers.
Dear Pip," said Biddy, "you are sure you don't fret for her?
Night is at hand; the night winds fret afar, The North winds moan.
Weld close the bars, and let them fret their hero lives away within the narrow cage.
I have four sons in the army but still I don't fret.
Now please don't fret over your son; you can't expect never to be parted.
Don't you fret, Miss," said Luke, soothingly; "they're nash things, them lop-eared rabbits; they'd happen ha' died, if they'd been fed.