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This is accomplished by fretting the second string at the third fret (push your finger down just behind, rather than on, the metal strip itself, so that the string is pressed against the third space on the neck).
Easy to read as a response to critics who have dissed Solondz's work as mean-spirited and/or cynical, Storytelling takes on those who fret about the artist's worthy intentions, and contends that all stories exploit their subjects--intentionally or not.
Bermudo's discussion of various temperaments, in particular the rearrangement of frets on the fingerboard, has led some modern researchers to argue that this was a common performing practice in the 16th century.
Featuring authentic materials -- including a wood neck, a rosewood fingerboard and metal frets -- the Wireless Guitar Controller is for gamers who truly want to flex their Star Power.
Jeremy Williams, of Struts & Frets, says: "Our season has been designed to expand the variety of productions on offer and to present alternatives to Shakespeare.
Also to his preference, the unfinished neck was wider and flatter; Eddie also replaced the original frets with larger fret wire.
Robert Rivinius frets these days about the ``killer B's.
Whenever you have an organism that's concentrated in one place, it's vulnerable," Boates frets.
6X-Pro features a hand-oiled mahogany neck, smooth frets and a comfortable profile for effortless playability, and classic Gibson humbuckers for incredible, traditional tone.
But the occasional anguish and more frequent deadness of Johnson's voice as he hears about body counts, frets about information leaks and openly admits ``There ain't no daylight'' as far as getting results in the conflict makes for compelling history.
frets that copper -- an essential mineral -- still lacks an RDA.
I believe that the Free Radical design with its 27 playable frets and the deep hand cutaway will make it unique and appealing to the traditional guitar enthusiast.