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Now they stumbled in the shackles of humanity, lived in a fear that never died, fretted by a law they could not understand; their mock-human existence, begun in an agony, was one long internal struggle, one long dread of Moreau--and for what?
Better equipped indeed they are, for the strong would be fretted by an energy for which there was no outlet.
Mainwaring, who, for your comfort, has fretted herself thinner and uglier than ever, is still here, and they have been all closeted together.
It seemed one of life's harsh jests that now, when the tired, ill-nourished baby had fretted his last, old Brindle, waxing fat and sleek on the wheat pasture, should give more rich cream than the Wades could use.
His first betrothed heard of this, and fretted so much about his faithfulness that she nearly died.
This attic was Maggie's favorite retreat on a wet day, when the weather was not too cold; here she fretted out all her ill humors, and talked aloud to the worm-eaten floors and the worm-eaten shelves, and the dark rafters festooned with cobwebs; and here she kept a Fetish which she punished for all her misfortunes.
Today, Alfred has more than 12,000 music titles currently available, and its catalog includes keyboard, band, choral, fretted instruments, orchestra and percussion publications.
Now a teacher as well as a performer, she founded the Midlands Fretted Orchestra a year ago for players of banjos, mandolins, guitars and ukuleles.
When they fretted about how Jesus' followers spoke of holy things yet ate their meals with unclean hands, he cut them off bluntly.
Technodoomster Bill Joy, the Sun Microsystems "chief scientist" who recently fretted in Wired that "it is far easier to create destructive uses for nanotechnology than constructive ones," must be despondent at the recent rapid progress of research in that field.