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N] is the normal load in Newton and L is the total fretting distance in meter.
The conducted experiments [2, 5] allow to make the conclusion that the wear of steel and cast iron samples after vibration burnishing with the formation of a regular microgroove pattern in fretting conditions is comparable with the wear of samples with galvanic and sprayed surfaces, friction-mechanical brass plating, laser strengthening, and in a number of cases it looks more preferable.
A rugosidade superficial (Ra) dos corpos de prova utilizados para realizar os ensaios de fadiga por fretting, medidas apos acabamento de retifica, ficou em torno de 0,6 [micron]m, enquanto que, para as sapatas cujos raios foram produzidos por eletro-erosao a fio, este valor ficou em torno de 0,2 [micron]m.
The tribological behavior of the biometallic alloys was evaluated using a commercial ball on flat fretting wear tester (DUCOM, Bangalore, India).
The fretting performance of compact cords can only be improved if the contacts between the filaments can be eliminated or minimized with the help of a medium such as rubber or plastic which is placed there.
Consumers fretting about winter energy bills are likely to crimp their holiday shopping plans.
A merciful native, seeing him ogling and fretting over a map of the city, would pause and trace a circle on the map (this is where you are); then another circle, near or far from the first, maybe overlapping (this is where you want to go).
Carnwath, I suspect, knows that her nonart ideas - her philosophical thumb-suckers, her Eastern mysticism, her fretting over ecology, her generalized upset with violence, misogyny, intolerance, and the whole caboodle of things she calls "bad stuff" - demand some kind of subtlety of presentation if they are not to seem hopelessly adolescent.
The vihuela section, in turn, is divided into two segments (identified in table 2 by the letters A and B, respectively) that relate directly to our topics: the first segment (A) discusses imagined tunings; the second (B) deals with the fretting scheme.
Broadcast stocks didn't suffer too badly, not most of them anyway, as Wall Street was said to be in the throes bond fretting in addition to the habit-forming practice of Greece fretting.