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Although the friability of the sand was satisfactory, cone jolt toughness was still less than 40 jolts at times (especially when methylene blue clay was too low), indicating a brittle molding sand.
This test measures not only strength, but also bulk brittleness, in contrast with friability, which measures surface brittleness.
Friability--The friability of the tablets was evaluated by a Friabilator (model CS-2, Tianjin Optical Instrument Factory, Tianjin, China).
Effect of aggregate size and superficial horizon differentiation on the friability index of soils cultivated with sugar cane: a multivariate approach.
C-SOPS also has conducted materials characterization tests for density, cohesion, wettability, friability, flowability, electrostatics, bridging, and dissolution.
Our QA team performs in-process checks on all critical parameters such as fill weight, seam integrity, viscosity, length and width, chemistry, process yield, friability, hardness, and more.
Different preformulation parameters (diameter, thickness, hardness, friability and weight variation tests), drug release kinetics (kinetics model; 1st-Order, Zero-Order, Higuchi, Hixon Crowell's and Power Law) and dissolution profiles comparison with reference standard tablets.
However, friability and pulverization are major disadvantages of PF [11, 12, 29] that limit wider applications of this material.
Active Energy said that the finished fuel, which can be delivered in a range of different compacted formats (pellets, granules, briquettes or bales), contains similar thermal and friability characteristics to coal, enabling it to immediately be used in existing coal-fired power stations without costly retro-fitting, reconstruction or output losses.
Commercial and test burn results demonstrate that it dramatically increases the friability of the slag and bottom ash, facilitating easy removal with existing soot blowers, resulting in an overall reduction of maintenance costs due to shorter and less frequent outages.