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Many engineers, contractors and utility providers strongly disagree that pipe bursting AC pipe coverts the previously non-RACM AC pipe into friable RACM, including the author of this article.
The callus cultures before NaCl treatment at day 60 were greenish-yellow and friable.
El segundo de los metodos reportados, tambien en el ano 1996, se realizo a partir de suspensiones de callo embriogenico friable (CEF) los cuales se transformaron mediante biobalistica y posteriormente la fase de regeneracion se realizo mediante embriogenesis somatica (Schopke et al.
Asbestos in coatings is never in a friable state while on the pipeline.
All treatments with NAA resulted in formation of friable and embryonic callus with greenish white color in the medium composition as described in Table 2.
Firm it in the soil and top fill with a mix of friable soil and compost and get planting.
Nodes and internodes showed friable and whitish brown to brown or dark brown color callus.
Keltan DE 8642A is a fast curing, high green strength ENB grade with good filler and plasticiser acceptance and is supplied in friable bales for improved mixing.
friable callus frequently used in tissue culture as a source for suspension culture due produce the secondary metabolites or other plat biotechnology diversities technique, well to many organic and in organic factors have been testes due this importance, but a number of chemical and physical factors like media components, phytohormones, pH, temperature, aeration, agitation, light affecting production of secondary metabolites has been extensively studied.
Interpipe has begun the process of assembling the steel construction of the mill and at the same time is finishing the arrangement of the iron cast-in-situ reinforced foundations of its ferroalloys and friable materials store.
K-Tron now offers the patented Bulk Solids Pump (BSP) feeder line for gentle, precise feeding of free-flowing pellets, granules, flakes, powders and friable materials.
DPV-B Series dense phase conveyors are said to be ideal for moving large quantities of powdered, granular or pelletized friable and abrasive materials.