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The playwright's voice is gently satiric, and the objects of his ridicule are type characters, such as Fribbles, country bumpkins, and unmarried conniving females.
To us a little fire on the rooftop was of no consequence, a fribble, a tiny obstacle to be stepped over with an easy stride.
I haven't sat in a booth at Friendly's in some time, probably not since the day I removed my dental retainer and deliberately dropped it into my best friend's coffee Fribble when she wasn't looking.
An example: Fribble means you're a smooth operator who never loses your cool.
I skipped the diamonds, the couture 'Minou' sunglasses by Nour and various other fribbles including uninteresting check shirts by Riflessi, the latest Italian rag trade hustlers, and I actually fell in love (well, not all that deeply) with one of the new upright room fans in a tourist junk shop on 57th Street.
While that's not great, it's better than any of the Fribbles ("the shakes that made Friendly's famous"), with 680 calories and 12 grams of sat fat.
Father Wieger's work cannot be plucked as simply one more offering of celery that is chanced upon in the exotic warehouse of contemporary Sino-science, which is all too often stocked with pedantries and flowery fribbles.
As long as you think they are only fribbles by a man who fully accepted the Church and State he was quarrelling with, you think it's in very bad taste.
Betty" Feen, who is retiring at age 76 in March, after 40 years of serving up Fribbles, SuperMelt sandwiches and, of course, ice cream.